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Programme for nurses

Thursday 21 April 2022

Narrative chair: Bettina Trettin
Operational chair: Hanne Faarup
Interactive chair: Kristine Fuskeland

  • Alexandra Sjöholm (Sweden): Measurements of illuminance in simulated daylight photodynamic
  • Gitte Rasmussen (Denmark): The Impact of attitude: Young people's perspectives on support to their active involvement in the treatment and care of a long-term skin condition
  • Bettina Trettin (Denmark): Design, development and teledermatological solution for patients with psoriasis
  • Jane Tinggaard Knudsen (Denmark): Focus on quality of life in people living with a hard to heal wound – Translation and psychometric properties of a questionnaire (The Danish Wound-QoL)

Friday 22 April 2022

Narrative chair: Kristine Fuskeland
Operational chair: Hanne Faarup
Interactive chair: Bettina Trettin

  • Louise Faurskov Møller (Denmark): Supporting the patients beyond skin - At The National Center of Autoimmune diseases
  • Dorthe Nielsen (Denmark): How to understand vulnerability among minority groups - Focus on culture, sexual identity , and chronic illness
  • Astrid Blikstad (Norway): Adressing sexuality in dermatologic nursing care